Net Worth Mortgage

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Net Worth Mortgage
We are pleased to announce our net worth lending program is back!
This program is designed to provide additional mortgage solutions to customers with moderate incomes who have a significant amount of verifiable liquid assets and strong credit scores.  
Asset Requirements:
-Minimum lucid assets of $250,000
-Must have $1.00 in liquid assets for every $1.00 in mortgage needed above standard qualified amount.  
  -Example: client qualifies for $500,000 mortgage and is requesting $1mil mortgage, client must show $500,000 in liquid savings.
Documentation Requirements:
-Standard income verification applies
-Evidence liquid asset amount meets or is in excess of the liquid assets required over a 12 month history of ownership.
Elible Assets:
-Stocks of publicly traded Canadian company
-Bank Account
-Muutal Funds
-Equity in existing property being sold (firm sale agreement required)
-Retirement accounts - discounted by 30% to account for withholding tax
For more information or to apply for a residential mortgage under our net worth mortgage program, please email or connect with us on our home forms.
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