Amortgage is the most common and significant type of debt held by Canadians. Almost all homeowners will have a mortgage at some point in their life; and almost 9 of 10 Canadian homeowners aged 25-44 (88%) have mortgages. Between historically
low interest rates, demand for real estate, and policy changes, the Canadian real estate marketplace is a very hot and significant topic. 
Fund Magazine is a quarterly digital publication that features high-quality, engaging mortgage and lifestyle content for its readers, while providing an affordable means of advertising, distribution, and networking for your brand. Advertising partners are given the opportunity to reach a larger audience than typically available as an individual. The magazine leverages our combined resources, to grow together and connect with like minded partners. 

Here are some examples of topics that will be covered, along with lifestyle content provided by our partners:
Financing luxury real estate, building or renovating your dream home and how to finance it, purchasing recreational and foreign property, obtaining financing when self employed, investing in mortgages, downsizing, credit, reverse mortgages, private capital, how to choose your mortgage broker or lender, understanding the financing process, home buying mistakes, rate holds explained, purchasing pre-sale and much more.
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