Gap Funding Solutions for Real Estate in Toronto

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Gap Funding Solutions for Real Estate in Toronto
Gap Funding Lenders for Real Estate in Toronto, Oakville & GTA
We define Gap financing as a non-traditional lending solution, when the client purchases a property and has not sold their existing home and cannot qualify to carry both mortgages.  This is different than a bridge loan, in which the client has sold their home and the closing date of the sold home is after the purchase.  Most lenders offer bridge loan solutions but not many offer "Gap Financing Solutions." The reason is most lender have to follow debt servicing ratios and consider the ability for the client to repay both mortgages which is not always easy.  Even though, carrying both mortgages is for a short period of time, the lender still may not be able to create a solution and the clients, realtor and even lawyer can be looking for a temporary solution.  Our team takes a top down approach and have many unique ways of creating a solution in this circumstance both at the bank level and if needed in the private lending space.  Based on the complex nature of structuring these loans, we recommend connecting with our team to discuss your specific scenario and know that we will take a top down approach to find the most cost efficient solution.
Below is some information on our team.  The Westlake Team is:
Providing access to an array of lenders and financing solutions through a singular point of contact. We take a top down approach to ensure our clients are obtaining the most competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Creating WOW moments for our clients and referral sources is important to us.
The Westlake Team (TWT) is a group of mortgage professionals that help Canadians finance their real estate dreams. This includes; residential, commercial, construction and private lending.

The Westlake team is part of Dominion Lending Centres, which is the largest Mortgage Brokerage Network in Canada. This includes 230 + lenders, 350 + offices, 60,000 mortgage funded annually and $21 billion funded per year.

On a macro level, TWT focuses on business development & consultation for the purpose of mortgage origination. The emphasis is on building strategic reoccurring referral relationships.

On a day to day level, TWT focuses on the client experience and obtaining the most suitable lending solution. Significantly investing in infrastructure for a very smooth underwriting and fulfillment process.

TWT is based out of Oakville ON, with the majority of business in the Greater Toronto Area and Muskoka. DLC is Nationally Licensed and TWT has access to lending solutions in the USA.
Pre approvals, Purchasing a home, Refinancing and Renewals at Maturation

Land Acquisition financing, Construction Financing, Purchase Financing, 100% financing, Equity Take out, Refinance, Investment Property, Short Term Lending – bridge & Gap.
1st and 2nd Mortgage, including jumbo loans, Bridge & Gap Financing, Land Acquisition & Construction both residential and commercial.

Business for Self, New to Canada, Foreign Investor and access to our Affluent Lending Program.

Multiple solutions for multi-million dollar purchases, refinances or renewals. Access to banks, credit unions, trust companies, private capital and our Affluent Lending Program to find the right lending solution for more complex real estate needs.

Land Acquisition & Construction Financing
Level 24 (XP: 30950)
Need more information about the gap funding options available to you through the Westlake Team? Contact us today for more details.
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