Credit Counselling Ontario

Credit Counselling Ontario
Over the last year, credit has been coming up in more conversations than I recall in the past.  In the past, I was never sure how to assist.  Our team underwrites and review credit on a daily basis and we therefore have a higher level of sophistication when it comes to providing credit advise.  However, its a complex topic and one not covered in detail.  We underwrote with credit as one of many criteria when applying for a mortgage.  We wanted something better for our clients and in late 2018, DLC supported us with the introduction of Clever Credit.  Below is a quick recap on some of the features CleverCredit supports.  With access to this program through our brokerage, we would be happy to help any Canadian looking to increase their credit score.  Fill out or form on the home page to connect. 
What is CleverCredit?

CleverCredit is your credit information and coaching advantage. CleverCredit shows customers how to take control of their ability to access lending products and navigate the path to improving their credit score through resources such as:

  • Their full Credit File
  • CleverCredit Dashboard & Credit Score
  • Credit Coaching
  • Key Credit Notifications
  • Recommended Actions
  • Best Use of Funds Calculator
  • Customers can also use the Target Score Simulator® to view prescribed recommended actions to reach their optimal credit score.
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