Commercial Mortgage Oakville, GTA

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Commercial Mortgage Oakville, GTA
Commercial Lending is one of our fasting growing verticals within The Westlake Team.  Similar to our Residential vertical, we have built significant relationships with Banks, Credit Unions, Trust Companies, Insurance Companies and Private Capital to once again, be our commercial mortgage clients and referral sources singular point of contact for all their mortgage needs.  We also have strategic broker partners in certain geographical locations that we believe require a local professionals perspective.
A lot of our clients originally came from residents and business owners in Oakville looking for commercial mortgages for owner occupied properties and/or investment properties.  Since inception, this has grown throughout the GTA.
Common Commercial Mortgage Requests are:
-Income producing real estate
-Financing marketable properties
Recent Transactions Include:
-Owner Occupied up to 100% financing
-Income generating investment property
-Land acquisition
-Construction financing
-Equipment leasing
Next time you are considering a commercial mortgage, be it living and working in Oakville or in the GTA as a business owner, investor or builder, we would happy to provide free consultation to see if one of our commercial mortgage solutions works for you.
For more information on how to apply for a commercial mortgage or the documentation required to apply for a specific product or commercial lending solution, please complete a form on our home page or email
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