TWT Launching Commercial Team in 2020!

TWT Launching Commercial Team in 2020!
Over the past year TWT has made tremendous strides in obtaining commercial mortgage opportunities.  The number of commercial brokers on the team has increased, the origination volume has increased and the relationships with lenders has dramatically increased.
TWT hasn't marketed itself as a commercial brokerage. It was founded around servicing residential customers, construction financing and as of late supporting new mortgage agents entering the industry.
However, TWT will make a big splash in 2020 opening up a retail location and servicing the community and its existing and new referrals partners.  TWT has strategically partnered up with certain lenders to streamline the process and provide financing at an incredible speed and is also bringing in some veteran commercial brokers to assist on the more complicated transaction.  
The team will focus on various loan programs but will be very focused for the most part on niche lending solutions and funding at an incredible speed. 
Target Market:
-Loans between $1M and $20M
-Land Development, Construction, Industrial, Mixed Use, Retail, Residential, Hospitality, Office, Gas Station... 
-6 to 24 month terms, with renewal options
-1st position mortgage
-Up to 70% LTV
-Ability to close residential in 24 hours and commercial in 48 hours
Stay tuned for more information.  If interested in attending our launch party or discussing networking opportunities, email or complete one of our contact forms.
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