Recently Funded - Mortgage For Investment Property

Recently Funded - Mortgage For Investment Property
TWT has recently funded multiple mortgages for clients accumulating real estate for the purpose of investment.  Our clients range from their first or second investment property to clients that have hundreds.  
With real estate being a very comfortable asset class for many Canadians, combined with low interest rates and continued appreciation, it has been a source of significant net worth accumulation. 
Whats complicated with investment properties is finding the right lender to match the clients circumstances. All clients needs differ from how they file their income, claim rental income, number of units or doors they hold in their portfolio,geographical  location, debt servicing, personal name or corp on title, if there is renovation work required, assuming a tenant or vacant posession and the list continues. The advantage for a brokerage like ours is the amount of lenders we have access to and our experience. We can quickly asses our clients current circumstances, apply underwriting principles from multiple lenders to our clients future goals and needs and underwrite with then filter through our preferred lenders for the best chance of approval with most competitive rates to help build the portfolio.
For more information on how we can help secure financing for your next rental property, please connect with our team,
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