Recently Funded - $6M + Mortgage Luxury Real Estate

Recently Funded - $6M + Mortgage Luxury Real Estate
TWT recently funded a $6M  ++ residential mortgage for a client of ours purchasing a very luxurious home.
Navigating financing for luxury real estate is one of our specialities and we are happy to see this come together smoothly.
Locking in industry low mortgage terms and using a mortgage instead of capital invested into instruments providing a stronger return than the interest costs associated with the mortgage as well as the costs in selling those instruments were considered.
Although TWT works with a lot of different clients from first time buyers through the luxury market, Scott Westlake spends the majority of his time creating customize mortgage solutions for high net worth families.  Complimenting the clients private banker, accountants, financial planner, agent, builder or family office with creative mortgage solutions is what makes the end result very unique.
To connect with Scott Westlake, or 416-436-1135.
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