Recent Transaction - $748,000 Residential Mortgage

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Recent Transaction - $748,000 Residential Mortgage
Nothing overly complicated about this mortgage. Perhaps the way it was referred to us was flattering, but we highlight this mortgage, because our team can easily be categorized as a non-traditional or niche lending mortgage solution provider. When in fact, the most common mortgage we originate, is AAA residential mortgages.  
The client purchased home and required a mortgage.  They had a poor experience working with a bank on the last mortgage they set up and asked their realtor on this recent purchase transaction for a recommendation. The clients biggest concern going into the mortgage process was communication and efficiencies.  Last time around, they were required to visit the branch multiple times, difficult for an elderly couple, were stressed right up till closing and haven't heard from anyone since closing.
We spoke to the clients, explained we work with multiple lenders, banks, credit unions, mono line lenders - in fact, we could obtain an approval at the same lender they had a poor experience obtaining their last mortgage, without them having any interaction from that bank and just with our office.  We provided 3 contacts from our team if they needed any communication, showed them how to download our free mortgage app to play around with closing costs: and overall, the experience was terrific for both parties involved.  
We ended up taking the application over the phone, approved a residential mortgage for $748,000. We put in place best pricing at the time of application, with a lender that satisfied their long term goals.  60 days after our approval and prior to closing, rates went down.  We were able to lock in the new rates, handles the bridge loan (once a closing date on the sale changed), re-issue new paper work, got everything signed up and fulfilled and prepared for funding 30 days out from closing.
We did all of this and never even technically had to meet the client, the process was so efficient. However, being the team we are, we have planned to stop by their home, which is convenient for them prior to closing with a thank you gift and put names to faces.
Our Mortgage Brokerage is located in Oakville and services the GTA, Muskoka and Niagara Region.Even though we tend to be brought in for a lot of problem solving and niche lending solutions, its important to know we handle day to day purchase, refinance and renewal mortgages very well.  We have access to top pricing and service from hundred's of lenders, including banks, credit unions, mono line lenders and trust companies.  For more information, please connect with 
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