Mortgage Brokers Have More Access

Mortgage Brokers Have More Access
When I joined the Mortgage Broker industry, my main reason was access!  More access for my customers. More access for my referral sources. Options and choice is power when negotiating a Mortgage. 
We have had unprecedented changes in terms of underwriting mortgages and there is large range of rates and terms being offered by different financial institutions.
If you only consider the lender you bank with OR you work with a Mortgage Broker that doesn't offer a full array of access to lenders -  you are missing out when applying for a Mortgage. 
Be it pre-approval, purchase, renewal or refinance, commercial lending, construction, private lending or insuring your mortgage, access means a lot. 
Be it salaried income, insurable mortgage, uninsurable mortgage, business for self, commission income, new to Canada, first time buyer, luxury real estate, recreational property or investment property, access means a lot.
The Westlake Mortgage Team has access, which means you as the client and referral source have choice. We take a top down approach to ensure you get the best terms that are suitable to you.  You could simply want the best rate, more flexible repayment options, access to more credit or need to figure out how to navigate a mortgage in a complicated scenario and all this access and choice we provide will help! 
We have access to banks, credit unions, trust companies, lenders that only accept broker business, mono line lenders, private capital and other options to ensure you get the best mortgage for your needs.  In total over 90 + lenders to choose from to ensure you get the best mortgage!
Email or text/call 416-436-1135.
Scott Westlake
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