Leave us a Review!

Leave us a Review!
We recently starting asking for reviews.  We started just a few months back after years of not having the right platform or making the process of asking a part of our routine.  Now, years later we are asking and its humbling to see the amazing comments left by our clients and referral sources.  
(The link to leave a review: http://reviews.thewestlaketeam.com/)
We are thinking it would be pretty cool to be the most reviewed team in our area and are reaching out to ask for more reviews/testimonials.  If you have worked with our team it would mean a lot to share a few words so others can see how we operate and potential consider us for their future mortgage needs!
We are doing same day pre approvals, amazing rates on residential purchases, refinances and renewals.  Have opened a commercial lending arm, private lending arm and have over 15 homes under construction at various stages in construction from a financing perspective. 
Our mortgage brokerage is based out of Oakville but service the GTA and Muskoka and would love to connect!  For more information email: scott@thewestlaketeam.com, fill out a contact form on our home page and to leave a review: http://reviews.thewestlaketeam.com/
Thank you!
The Westlake Team
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