Jumbo Mortgage, Oakville, GTA & Muskoka

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Jumbo Mortgage, Oakville, GTA & Muskoka
In 2019 we soft marketed our Jumbo Mortgage Program.  We partnered up with a combination of lenders and private capital that all provide very niche lending solutions and can accommodate large mortgages north of $1m and up to $20M. 
A few examples of niche markets we helped with jumbo mortgage solutions:
Builders: Land Acquisition & Construction Financing, both Residential & Commercial Real Estate.
-Non-Residents for short term needs while transition wealth to Canada.
-Real Estate owned under Corporate names and Trusts that don't fit the conventional lending environment 
-Bridge & Gap Financing 
-Business for Self Clients
A lot of our clients that require jumbo mortgages are either builders, self employed or new to Canada.  The trend with most of our clients is that they have high net worth and the capacity to pay the mortgage but due to restraints in the market place from a lending perspective make it difficult in certain circumstances. This could be how income is filed, loan to value, how title is structured, the size of the facility, transitioning wealth to Canada etc.
Our approach is top down in nature, meaning just because the mortgage is non traditional in nature doesn't mean the cost of capital is expensive.  We have net worth programs and business for self programs that range from AAA Bank Pricing all the way to Private Capital.  The same goes with construction financing depending upon our clients needs.  We certainly help a lot of Canadians get into real estate through mortgage for the typical real estate transactio but we pride ourselves in our unique and niche mortgage offerings and being the ones to call when the mortgages get tough or creative!
Our team is based out of Oakville and have extensive knowledge in structuring large and jumbo mortgage facilities.  We service the GTA & Muskoka and one of Jumbo Mortgages in other marketable areas!
For more information email: scott@thewestlaketeam.com
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