How to Get the Best Mortgage!

How to Get the Best Mortgage!
Defining BEST Mortgage is difficult as we all have different unique needs and requirements.  To a lot of clients the best mortgage involves the best rate, which we can help find and provide to our clients.   To others, the best mortgage is one than can get them the approval they require, be it through a bank, credit union, mono line lender, trust company or private lender  The approval itself is simply the best mortgage for them.  For others its getting the right loan amount in combination with down payment or perhaps providing a solution for a client thats business for self, files low personal income but has strong business income.  A perfect mortgage could also be a construction loan that has flexible to unlimited draws or supports a new medical professional that has high earning potential but the income is not yet there on their tax return.
The great thing about the mortgage brokering community, especially experienced brokers that understand niche lending solutions and have access to a significant amount of lenders is choice. Choice is what helps all clients regardless of their circumstance when matched with the right level of broker experience.  Regardless of the circumstances mentioned above or the large list below, a good mortgage broker can navigate a client through different lenders, lending options and help create the best mortgage for you!
Recent Mortgage Solutions Provided.  Evidently, finding their BEST Mortgage, was different overtime!
-Same day pre-approval
-First Time Buyer (CMHC, Genowrth or Canada Guarantee approval combined with lender), high ratio insured
-Multiple Construction Mortgages
-Bruised Credit
-Business for Self Mortgage
-Net Worth Mortgage
-Recreational Home Purchase
-Refinacne to consolidate debt
-Medical Professional Mortgage Program
-Switching Mortgage Provider at Maturity
-New to Canada
-Private 2nd Mortgage 
-Private 1st Mortgage
-Multiple purchases with client looking for best rate and negotiated on their behalf
-Commissed Income
-Short Financing Condition Approval
-Mortgage along with Bridge Loan Facility
-Commercial Multi Residential Mortgage
-Land Acquisition
-Much more...
For more information on how we can find your BEST Mortgage, email, complete on of our forms or call.
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