Your Mortgage Refinance Analyzer Is Here!

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Your Mortgage Refinance Analyzer Is Here!
We are super excited to announce to our network, enhancements in our mortgage app/calculator - My Mortgage Toolbox
We continue to provide an industry leading mortgage app and calculator, that anyone can download to help get pre qualified in under 60 seconds and do multiple scenario building exercises when buying a home - but now can also provide very accurate analysis when considering breaking your mortgage and refinancing or switching lenders.
Our analysis takes into consideration your current interest rate, new interest rate, interest savings, refinancing costs and overall savings. It also considered, your current payment, new payment and a break even analysis.  It is now easier than ever for our team or our customers and referral sources to make informed decisions for their existing mortgage.
Existing App features.

What can you do with my app:

  • Calculate your total cost of owning a home
  • Estimate the minimum down payment you need
  • Calculate Land transfer taxes and the available rebates
  • Calculate the maximum loan you can borrow
  • Stress test your mortgage
  • Estimate your Closing costs
  • Compare your options side by side
  • Search for the best mortgage rates
  • Email Summary reports (PDF)
  • Use my app in English, French, Spanish, Hindi and Chinese
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