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When I worked at a bank, we tried to sell you our product. We worked for the lender, not the client. Of course we tried to provide good advise but the rates and terms would get set and there was limited negotiation. We tried to find ways to sell our solution over our competitors. As a broker, we are providing options and choice, filtering through hundreds of lenders, avoiding bad terms, identifying language that could hurt our client in the future. Keeping an eye on pre payments, penalties and working random hours to accommodate same day fully underwritten pre approvals and ensure all condition periods are met, appraisals go smooth and funding is on time. Theres no comparison. The advantage of a broker is massive, but not all brokers are equal. Not all have lot of lenders to work with, top pricing which should be passed on to their clients. Ask questions up front, work with reputable people and those you trust or others trust and have worked with. New brokers deserve a chance but need a mentor early on. Our $4B in annual origination and 131 provides lenders and solutions many don't get accesss to but our clients and our referral sources. lets chat scott@thewestlaketeam.com
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