The Westlake Team, Zonta Club of Oakville & International Women's Day

The Westlake Team, Zonta Club of Oakville & International Womens Day
Each month Scott Westlake & The Westlake Team collaborate with a local organization that has impacted our team, a referral source, client or our community - and make a contribution to this organization. The amount we contribute is tied to the amount of referrals and reviews our mortgage brokerage receives each month - the lifeline of our business.
With March 8th being international women's day we made a contribution to Zonta, Club of Oakville. 
The Zonta Club of Oakville is made of of a small but vibrant group of professional women, that work together to assist women in the Halton community and internationally.  The organization works with charitable partners to provide emergency housing, financial aid, educational support and mental and physical service to women in need.  
Having a baby girl born on March 7 (Lennox Madison Westlake) makes this years International Women's Day extra special for our founder Scott Westlake.  "Giving back to the community we work in is super important to the culture of who we are as a mortgage brokerage and who we are as people. Making a contribution to Zonta makes complete sense.  This organization represents so many shared goals and values and we thank them for their proactive effort in bringing more awareness to International Women's Day & everything they do to support all women, near and far. On behalf of The Westlake Team I applaud your service and thank you. We are committed to investing and building on this relationship in years to come." Scott Westlake
Press release and information on Zonta Club of Oakville. 
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