The Importance of Choice When It Comes To Mortgage Lending

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The Importance of Choice When It Comes To Mortgage Lending

How long would it take for you to shop 90 stores to find the perfect couch? Now ask that same question about your mortgage.


Did you know? Top Mortgage Brokers (like us) have access to over 90 lenders! This can be a real advantage to ensuring you, the client, receives the best mortgage plan and rate to suit your needs!

In an ever changing rate environment & continual regulatory change, the importance to have access to multiple lenders is a huge advantage.  
When it comes to rate & terms, certain lenders can be more competitive on insured mortgages versus uninsured mortgages and vise-versa. Certain lenders are better at maturity than others when offering competitive rates and terms. Different lenders have different rates for refinances, rentals your type of income, property location among other variables we conducer.  
When speaking to a client or referral source a natural filter is turning on an off in my head.  This happens naturally after being responsible for funding billions of dollars in mortgages over the years. However, we also have a technology platform we invested in called Discover to confirm the best options for our clients. We can filter through 90+ lenders to ensure our clients are obtaining the best terms for them!

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