Scott Westlake Enters DLC Hall of Fame

We are super proud to announce that our Founder & Team Lead, Scott Westlake recently became a member of the Dominion Lending Centres Hall of Fame.  
This award is presented to Mortgage Brokers & Agents that fund a minimum of 550 mortgages and bring in a minimum of $2M in commission sales under their own individual license, not the collective team, which is counted separately.  
At the time of writing this Scott also ranks 24th in the entire organization for the month of October in gross commission earned.  
We find this accomplishment very inspiring, considering the fact, the team is over 50 agents and growing, almost all of which started as brand new, which takes a considerable amount of time to support. 
Scott decided to lead a franchise under Dominion Lending Centres so that he could be confident in the best tools and technologies. His focus could be on being the best broker possible and leading a team of newer agents by example. So many brokerages are spending more time on building out infrastructure and tools and technologies that already exist and forget the importance of sales and teaching others how to grow their volume. This sales approach is what Scott believe to truly matter to newer and experienced agents. 
"We don't need to invest in new technology and spin our tires on infrastructure because we already have it.  We've already moved on, years back, into other auxiliary revenue streams to increase profitability.  From Private Lending to Wealth Management, Commercial Lending, Insurance & AI.
We are not reinventing the wheel or spending time in unnecessary aspects of the business. I focus on sales and sale training and i lean on the amazing tools, technologies and partners at our disposal. Our agents don't want me to focus my attention on another gadget or platform, they want me figuring out how to increase their sales and profitability.  The best way i know how to do that is by getting my hands dirty and being the best broker in the country and I'm on my way to doing that. 
Through my own trials and tribulations our agents can lean on my successes and failures to speed up their sales cycles, focus on the right professional development and obtain financial freedom. Its a fine line between how much time you put into professional development and business development and we have found that perfect mix. 
It nice not having to worry about the daily stressors other broker owners face when you have terrific relationships.  There is so much wasted time behind the scenes in payroll, compliance, origination software, CRM, websites, apps, connectivity, security and the lists go on. 
I get sales, i teach sales and i try to be a good person and give back as much as possible...Be it to my clients, my referral sources, my community, my team and my peers and they appreciate that." Scott Westlake 
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