Oakville Young Professional or Entrepreneur of the Year (YPEG)

Oakville Young Professional or Entrepreneur of the Year (YPEG)
This past year I was nominated for the YPEG - Young Professional or Entrepreneur of the Year. I went through the vetting out process which included a detailed report on ones business, including: results, year over year growth, community involvement, mentorship, leadership, implementation of new tools and technologies and more, along with a 2 hour meeting with representatives from the Oakville BIA.  I am proud to say I made it to the final 7 to be considered for this award.  Although we do not know who won at this moment, I am very proud of this achievement and want to congratulate my peers for their nomination.
The reason this award means a lot is its not mortgage specific.  Typically, we get nominated for awards within our own industry - so this is a refreshing change to see how the work we do in our specific sector supports the community we live in.  From employing people from ones community, entertaining in the community, using services like marketing in your community to giving back to the right organizations and making that economic impact means a lot to be noticed.
Information on the Oakville Chamber:

The Oakville Chamber is the voice of the Oakville business community. We provide member benefits including: advocacy, corporate benefits, networking opportunities, business development and educational forums. Our mission is to foster a healthy economic environment for Oakville. The Oakville Chamber of Commerce is located at 700 Kerr St., Suite 200, L6K 3W5. For more information and to learn about the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, please visit www.oakvillechamber.com

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