Jumbo Mortgage

Jumbo Mortgage
The Westlake Team recently connected with multiple lenders to discuss Jumbo Mortgage Solutions.  As a Mortgage Team that finances a lot of luxury real estate, its natural that many requests come in for large mortgages.  Depending on circumstances, traditional "Jumbo Mortgage" solutions are found through our lending channel and is the typical large mortgage request.  Banks, Credit Unions & Trust Companies serve as terrific solutions for mortgage above $1million.  However, there is a Niche market for large mortgage, "Jumbo Mortgages" through the non-traditional lending channel to support clients that do not show income in the most traditional sense.  These are typically very sophisticated clients that may be self employed, transferring assets to Canada or through the family, a builder or company that all have strong net worth and exist strategies but require a temporary "Jumbo Mortgage" through a non-traditional lending solution.
Program Highlights Typically Include:
-Residential Mortgage between $700,000 - $5,000,000. $5mil + mortgage requests reviews case by case.
-Non-Income Qualified
-Flexible Payment Options - Interest Only
-Interest Rate Reserve
-Corporate Borrowers
-2nd Mortgage Registration Allowed
Jumbo Mortgages require a certain level of sophistication to underwrite.  A lot of bankers and brokers don't see these large transactions and are not familiar with the complicated financials and differentiating factors that make financing Luxury Real Estate unique.  We have tremendous support from Private Banker, Accountants, Appraisers and Lenders to support the underwriting process.  We also have an extensive background and track record of financing large loans for these clients.  We are a trusted source of financing Jumbo Mortgages and Luxury Real Estate with a lot of Oakville, the GTA and Canada's Top Luxury Real Estate Professionals for a reason!
If you or someone your know, be it friend or client is looking to purchase real estate or refinance real estate and needs a creative lending solution for a large mortgage, our Jumbo Mortgage program could be a very suitable lending solution.  Please complete one of our forms on the home page or email scott@thewestlaketeam.com 
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Live Stat: We are currently working on 15 mortgage above $1mil as of today :) and have funded multiple in January. We pride ourselves in being professionals and helping clients and referral sources with their complex financing needs
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