Invest in yourself, invest in relationships & There is NO Secret Sauce!

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Invest in yourself, invest in relationships & There is NO Secret Sauce!
This past week a lot of mortgage brokers from across Canada took time to attend their National Mortgage Conference. The photo above was the start to my weekend at our Brokerages (DLC) Party - Brokers & Brews!
After spending 3 days and nights with a lot of my peers and partners, be it brokers, lenders, brokerages, insurers, speakers and more, I have 3 major take aways:
1. Invest in yourself - If this event taught me anything its the importance of continuing to invest in yourself.  At one point I was sitting around a group of brokers, maybe five or six including myself that probably funded close to a billion dollars in mortgage origination 2019.  The single most common trait amongst our vastly different personalities is the fact we all showed up to invest in ourselves.  I took home 3 books from this event sat in multiple learning sessions and took some really great knowledge away from the weekend that I will be using to support my clients, referral sources and agents on my team in the future.  My message to our existing referral partners and clients (and future referral partners and clients) is that we will continue to invest in ourselves so that you know your always getting the best of the best. Dont work with people that are not investing in themselves! 
2. Invest in relationships -  From lenders, brokerages, technology platforms, insurers and many other industry partners - all kinds of new products were introduced and those that attended were at the forefront of this information. Information that may take months to trickle down to the rest of the broker community and then their clients and referral sources.  Be it at an event or in causal conversation, I was picking up little pieces of information that are going to help my clients, my team and our referral relationships success in 2020.  The second most important thing I learnt and am going to continue to work on and build up into 2020 is investing in my/our relationships! My message to our existing and future referral sources and clients and lending partners is that we are going to invest in you.  Now through 2020 and beyond, your going to feel the love and want to invest more in YOU!.
3. There is no secret to success - I wanted to take away that secret I could share with my team of agents on how they can have the best year yet.  I wanted to hear something special that would change my outlook on business.  The fact is, there is no secret.  The top producers are always investing in themselves and investing in their relationships.  Hard work pays off and consistent adaptation is key! To all those that made a positive impact on me from the MPC National Conference I thank you and hope I gave just as much as I received!
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