How To Get The Best Mortgage Rate

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How To Get The Best Mortgage Rate
Its not a surprise searching for the Best Mortgage Rate is always going to be a popular topic.  Its a top search term in google, there are rate sites specifically positioned to promote the lowest rates and to be honest, who doesn't want the best interest rate?!
Even though our team constantly finds our customers the best rates, we do not promote rates the same way. We share interest rates on our site and we share interest rates on our FREE mortgage app: We believe customers need to know a ballpark rate to figure out monthly payments, cash flow, affordability and more when buying a home. The difference is, we believe in finding the BEST RATE FOR YOU. Not just advertising a rate that is not applicable to your personal circumstances.
A major concern I have with a lot of rate sites and online platforms is they flash a lot of lights in your face, advertise the lowest of low interest rates, all to find out when you apply, you are not necessarily offered that rate advertised but something less appealing.  The rate site did nothing wrong, they just advertised a rate that has nothing to do with your personal situation.    
Insurable mortgage rates can differ from uninsurable rates.  Clients have different credit scores and property types can differ.  There is a difference between purchasing or refinancing a primary residence and a rental property  Closing dates vary as do mortgage amounts.  With all these variables and more, its no wonder an advertised rate may or may not apply.  
One must also consider if they are obtaining a rate from a triple A lender like a Bank, Credit Union or Mono Line lender or their needs are more specific to a non traditional lender or even private lender.  Rates will change pending a clients circumstances that may even dictate the type of lender one can apply for.
We will always look for the most competitive interest rates, but we will do it based on your circumstances.  We will take a top down approach wether its an insurable mortgage, uninsurable mortgage, Bank, Credit Union, Trust Company, Traditional or Non Traditional lender and even private.  This mentality has won us over a lot of business throughout the years and hopefully many more to come.
For best rates, maybe start shifting the focus from what appears to be the best mortgage rate to what is the best mortgage rate for you, taking into considerations what makes sense for your familiar and their particular, unique set of circumstances.  
(Below is an example of general rates offered today, Feb 6, 2019.  Arguably some of the best rates in the market, but could they be better or worse, pending the circumstances - absolutely.  As mortgage professionals, we are happy to find the best rate for YOU)
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